+ Why The Art Partners?

In our fast-moving, digital world, a more personal approach is often welcome - and The Art Partners advise and provide a completely flexible solution to each individual client. In this manner, a collector gets a more exclusive access to artists and artworks, and in some cases, lasting friendships are fostered.

+ How do you charge for your services?

We have three membership schemes, priced on a year basis, but also charge separetly for individual services. It's always can be tailored to the preferences of each and every client.

+ I’m a new collector. Should I buy art as an investment or just get something I like?

We are strong believers that you should buy art that you fall in love with. We want to assist our clients to discover art that will enrich their lives but , as an extra touch, of course add value to the portfolio in the future.

+ Is there a minimum budget you work with?

Not really. We work with different types of clients, from established collectors to the ones who is just beginning their journey, and always adjust to their requests and circumstances.

+Why Collection managment is important?

Among the many misconceptions that exist in the art industry, two are quite common – first, that you need to be a millionaire to start collecting; and second, that the collection is not yet big enough for professional management. As you acquire more and more artworks, there’ll come a moment when remembering the Who, Where, When and How will be problematic. Even if cataloguing seems daunting and not as interesting as discovering and buying the art itself, the process of diligently recording your acquisitions will help secure the collection’s value and will save you both money and nerves later on.