Sub/Consciousness - Dairo Vargas


“We have created a large amount of work, exploring with colours, textures and materials - allowing our emotions to come to life on paper. This project raises awareness of mental health and art as a tool for self discovery, improving self-esteem, creativity and confidence of each person. Let’s make mental health a normal topic, without judging or discriminating”

Dairo Vargas


The Art Partners is pleased to present SUB/CONSCIOUSNESS, a group exhibition featuring works made by Colombian-born artist Dairo Vargas in collaboration with the Anffas Association in Rapallo, Italy. One of the few initiatives of its kind ever held in Italy, Sub/Consciousness showcases beautiful and moving artworks created during daily workshops Vargas led over a two-week period for persons with social and learning disabilities at Anffas.

The exhibition, was on view at Museuo del Merletto in Villa Tigullio, Rapallo for a week from September 25th, it is part of The Art Partners annual Untapped Residency program, of which Vargas is the latest resident.


Mental health is now one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century. Over the last decade our understanding of mental health has developed, and awareness surrounding the issue has improved dramatically. In the West, we have more psychologists, social workers and coaches than ever before. Through professional help and alternative practices, people are now striving to foster healthy and fulfilling relationships with themselves.


In Sub/Consciousness the idea of mindfulness reflects a focus on awareness of emotions and physical sensations. When you are being mindful, you have an enhanced ability with regards to your self-awareness and capacity to reflect on your experience and daily life. Art can be a powerful medium to address emotional issues which may otherwise be confusing and distressing. The process of creating art or viewing other artworks is often used to help people explore their emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem, and work on social skills.


Dairo Vargas

Dairo Vargas is a London-based Colombian born artist, he is graduated from Kensington and Chelsea College of Art in 2008. Dairo was involved in both global initiatives and local community work aimed at improving mental wellbeing. He uses his work to mentor children and adults with a particular focus on self development and rehabilitation. He started a campaign in Colombia called #TheArtListens. He taught seminars and art workshops to over 1,400 people in both urban and rural schools, military camps and universities. On October 11, 2019, he will also travel  to Kathmandu (Nepal) to volunteer in a British-based charity called ChoraChori.

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